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Over the course of our 56 day cross-country trip, each of these 22 people became traveling companions, confidantes, and friends. One of our group (James Weil), before departing from the tour 500 miles from the finish line, wrote limericks about each of us. While most of these are more or less "inside jokes" from the trip they are added for the enjoyment of all. To read each biography, click on their name(s).

And finally, at the bottom of this page are the results of a survey I conducted among my fellow riders. Enjoy!

Jan and Al Galletly from Wilton CT

Helen Galletly from St. Petersburg, FL

Sharon and Jerry Miller from St. Petersburg, FL

Russ Carmichael from Lehigh Acres, FL

Jay Cullen from Dawsonville, GA

Jean Currie, from Lehigh Acres, FL

Marty Feldman, from Armonk, NY

Yvonne and Bruce Horton from Sahuarita, AZ

Fern Horst, from Hershey, PA

Bob Kruger from Morton Grove, IL

Audrey Mann, from Hershey, PA

Nadine Levine, from Alameda, CA

Beulah Polley, from Lehigh Acres, FL

Bill Routh from Greensboro, NC

Kathleen Smith, from Oakland, CA

Bob Weeks, from San Jose, CA

James Weil, from Westport, CT

Here are the results of a poll I took after the Young At Heart Group finished the cross-country journey:

1. Favorite State:  California tied with Texas - Texas has the wildflowers,
but CA has everything! -- (many fellow riders listed California AND the Texas hill country
as first choice ties!)
Texas had as many votes as did California; especially the roads from Brady to Llano!
"The point in which we got trees and grass back after crossing Arizona and New Mexico.
I guess that would be Texas ... I was just homesick for the green!"
The state of mind I was in when I was able to bicycle on the country roads and some

2. Favorite Road:  The roads in Texas - good shoulders, nice hills, friendly drivers!
Rails to Trails Tammany Trace Bike Trail between Hammond and Slidell, LA.
Maybe I-10 (going down) "and some of the mountains after we had climbed them!"
I-8 (In-ko-pah Pass - going from Jacumba to Brawley!!!)
... and again, more than one fellow rider listed the "hill country of Texas"! ... "we came
up over this hill (Texas hill country) and saw this empty two lane road that stretched
out in front of us with flowers as far as the eye could see - a picture postcard for bicycling!"
Pensacola Beach to Panama City Beach!
Road out of Apalachicola. (Fog, sea and sun made for ethereal view.)
The entire ride along the Gulf of Mexico!
The road going into White's City and some of the roads in Florida "where the road was
smooth and the traffic was light."

3. Favorite Eating  Place (Dinner):  Ryan's (chain restaurants that serve wholesome &
other foods! and plenty of food!)
Crown City Inn in Coronado, CA
Mary's Bar-B-Que in Livingston, Texas -- received several votes!
Brookside Inn- Dulzura, CA.
Cooper's Old Time pit Bar-B-Que in Llano, Texas
Miss Hattie's Parlor - San Angelo
Buckhorn Saloon/Opera House
Old Mining Co.- Superstition
Arrive Derci - Scottsdale --- received several votes!
The Rod & Gun Club for Singles Over 30 in Palo Verde
Wakulla Springs Lodge where the dining room was beautiful and the food was very good.
The open-air restaurant in Pensacola and the restaurant on Dolphin Island.
Applebees - we visited this restaurant chain in several cities.

4. Favorite City Visited:  Fredericksburg, Texas (a favorite of several fellow riders)
One "tie" between Fredericksburg, TX and Pensacola Beach, FL
Scottsdale, Arizona
Covington, Louisiana
Coronado, California - two votes for Coronado (especially ferrying to Balboa Island.

5. Favorite Day on the Bike:  Every day, especially the 2nd to the last day.
  Everything was working in our favor! - (Mayo to Gainesville - a favorite of several riders)
April 25 - Ride from Salt Flat, TX to White's City, NM - three votes for this ride
... "couldn't believe how far we went without pedaling!"
loved "the tail wind that pushed us over 20 mph all the way!"
April 27th - from Carlsbad, NM to Hobbs, NM.
Any day I could get on the bike!
"50 miles of wildflowers!
"The first or second day in the Texas wildflowers."
The ride up to Guadeloupe National Park. (Two votes for this ride!)
The ride from Pensacola to Panama City - all conditions were perfect!
Some ties here! Completing the ride through the sand storm, or the White City ride,
or maybe on the road in the morning fog out of Apalachicola.
"The day we stopped at Rock City and I rode like a maniac the rest of the way afterwards"

6. Favorite Motel/B&B:  Austin Bed & Breakfast for beauty;
Best Western Motels in general.
Fairfield Inn - N.Scottsdale AZ
Inn at St. Francisville, LA
The Radison Inn - Pensacola Beach, Florida
Wakulla Lodge, FL
Clarion Suites in Pensacola Beach, FL. ("You could have left me there forever!")
Cindy's Motel in Mayo, Florida!

7.Longest day:  91 miles De Ridder to Opelousas.
88.81 miles - San Angelo to Brady
The ride into Blythe.
The ride up the Continental Divide.

8. Most challenging ride of the trip:  Needle's Eye!(Two votes here!)
I-8 (the mountain road from Jacumba to Brawley, CA.)
The last day.
Andrews to Big Spring, Texas - all day into the headwinds, and rain! Several riders
thought this was the most challenging ride of the trip. (Only Jay, Bob W. and Marty
rode it all the way!)
The ride over the Continental Divide.
Sterling City to San Angelo Texas when the wind was blowing so hard ... couldn't
keep up with those who let me draft them!!!

9. Special smells remembered:  Orange tree grove in New Mexico
(on the way to Apache Junction). A number of riders remember the orange grove as their
favorite smell on the trip. "I can still smell them." "I thought I died and went to heaven!"
Farm smells, Flowers, Factories.
Woods and pines - the Gulf.
Pine forests and BBQ smells!

10. Most favorite memory:  The ride into Blackjack Campground.
The wildflowers of Texas.
The final ride into St. Augustine Beach
Birthday celebration May 6th, Johnson City, TX.
Meeting the people, Happy Friday and time to go meet Al for dinner.
The ride up to Carlsbad Caverns (Jay, Bob W and Marty) - seven deer crossed the road
right in front of them. Later they were seen, lined up like soldiers, watching the three pedal
up the hill.
Enchanted Rock - Fredericksburg - The breathtaking views!
Gila Cliff Dwellings
Carlsbad Caverns
Breakfast at Black Jack Camp with all the "Bounder" friends.
Riding through the dust storms.
Seeing Kathleen finish the ride to Needle's Eye!
Sharon and the dog!
The Butter Fly man(Bob Kruger)!
Nancy's arrival in Gainesville!
"It will always be the new people that I met. It couldn't have been a nicer group of people
to spend two months with. I thank each and everyone of them for sharing that time with me."
"The friends I made and how we came together. We will grow older and maybe in the
future we won't be able to ride as we did in '99, but in my mind, time stands still and we will
always be members of the YAH Gang (Young At Heart Forever) ... and Riders of the Purple