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4/5/99 - Day Two Posting - Carlsbad to Coronado Island, CA

Our night spent in Carlsbad, California was a very pleasant one, after our first day of riding. The motel was a particularly lovely Inn, situated along the coast - on the ocean side. A good-sized hot tub beckoned the weary travelers.

After we stowed our gear in our rooms and showered (or relaxed in hot tub or bath), we were ready for our evening meal. Our leader, Al, had indicated that we would have good appetites on the .. trip, and at least for tonight, he was right on (so far as I was concerned). Of the group at our table, I really "licked my platter clean!" I was able (keeping my commitment to Women's Health Initiative Study) to keep the ample fare quite low in fat content, while still enjoying a great-tasting pasta. (Only one other pasta would be able to beat it ... the pasta I enjoy at home with my dear husband, Paul, who makes the best pasta in the world!)

Our alarm went off early this morning, and I was ready to go! One of the first downstairs, I walked outside along the beach for awhile, enjoying the crisp ocean air. My thoughts were of my loved ones at home, my Newman Community and all the people whose spirits I carry on my bike pack. How lucky I feel to be here, and how grateful, too!

Soon I saw a group of "Young At Heart" riders, and joined them for a substantial breakfast. After all had fortified themselves for the day, we met outside the Inn for the directions and maps. In no time at all, we were heading south on the Coast Highway - past inviting beaches, beautifully landscaped gardens, and hills covered with red sedum. What a glorious sight!

Some of the coastal towns through which we rode were busy with traffic. Some construction areas challenged us as we dodged pot holes and/or traffic. Just before we entered La Jolla, we encountered our longest climb, to date. It was a 1 1/2 mile climb, and several of us climbed together, singing hymns and songs whose cadence helped us keep our peddling constant. As we reached the summit, we shouted like kids -- so proud of our accomplishment! What a great feeling!

Eventually we wound our way to San Diego - (thanks to the able help of Bob and Nadine who always waited at turns in the route so we would not get lost!). Helpful and cheery Helen - our attentive and sunny sag driver, met us several times along the way with drinks and snacks. A delightful bundle of sunshine, I find she dispenses exuberance as much as nourishment! Soon we came into Old Town, San Diego and the ferry which took us across to Coronado Island, and to our very pleasant motel.

Nadine and I share a nice sized and cheery room. As we were unpacking and relaxing from our day of riding, Nancy Weeks, spouse of Bob (who will bid her husband goodbye when our group heads east) visited our room with a box of the freshest and most succulent strawberries ... yummy!

We all enjoyed a very good dinner, here at the Bistro of the motel! Excellent and Accommodating service, to boot!

Tomorrow will be a "rest and relaxation day" before we journey out toward far-off Florida! I plan to take my bike to a bike shop to check out a few minor concerns, and Nadine will look for a visor for her helmet. My wonderful helmet visor has done an incredible job of protecting my face from sun-burn --- Nadine has become rosy red of face!!!

Love to All!


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