Thomas "Russ" Carmichael, from Lehigh Acres, Florida


Looking for a rest day excusith
Russ said "I know, I'll use my toothith
First, it will need filling
Then, when there's lots of hilling
I'll tell them I need it removith"

Russ and Bob Kruger became biking buddies, and each time Bob's tire went flat, regardless of where or how late in the day, Russ always remained at his side. A loyal friend to the end, Russ was always ready with a smile and a word or two of wisdom!

A retiring and quiet man, with a very fine sense of humor of his own, Russ was always able to encourage and support others. On the days I elected to ride on my own, I usually followed Russ and Bob K. (from afar). I found amusement in telling them that I was pretty sure I was probably the first woman who chased them across the country!

Russ joined the group because "It's an opportunity for me to do something before I get too old and decrepit." (He'll celebrate his 70th birthday in November.)

A man of many interesting careers, he continues to teach work in stained glass. He was formerly associated with the Philadelphia Inquirer before he retired to the Sunshine State about 13 years ago. Since then he joined a biking club called the Lehigh Acres Bike Club, and has pedaled all over the west coast of Florida.