Nadine Levine, from Alameda, California


There once was a gal named Nadine
Who was a perpetual sleeping machine
She was on highway 10
Head down on her Schwinn
Snoring away last time she was seen.

Nadine is the person who introduced me to the Young At Heart Tour. A stranger to our bicycling club, she showed up one day and rode with us. (And hasn't done so since!) However, she told me about this group with whom she planned to cross the country. By a strange set of circumstances, I found my way to Al Galletly and was soon signed up as the last member of the group!

Nadine is a former light colonel in the U.S. Air Force (and proud of her former association with the Air Force). She and I were roommates on the tour, and have formed a very special bond. More like a daughter, she has become a member of the Smith Clan, like it or not!

Knowledgeable in so many areas, Nadine was a constant source of new ideas and broader perceptions. A good conversationalist, Nadine is also fiercely honest and reliable.

I will always cherish our 56 days of sharing the same room; we found companionship and respect one for another, and I know our friendship will continue over the years to come.