Martin Feldman, from Armonk, New York


We hail Marty, the miraculous wizard
Who, blindfolded can sniff out a blizzard
As he rolls into town
He loses his frown
As he finds Dairy Queen, as a hawk finds a lizard

Marty is a fine cyclist ... right up there with Jay. The two of them often rode together, and were usually the first ones to reach the day's destination. Because of his accident with the dog, their other buddy, Bob Weeks, was unable to join them as often as he would have liked to, but the three of them became known as the "Riders of the Purple Sage".

To sit next to Marty at dinner meant a very enjoyable evening. He is a great conversationalist, and enjoys a joke on others as well as on himself. Marty always showed a great sense of humor and an appreciation for good food.

Marty's wife, Alice, became a loved member of the team, too. Alice's exuberance and interest in everything around her made her a wonderful addition to the YAH family.

Marty, originally from Poland, grew up in The East Bronx, NY. He served in the U.S. Army Medical Corps from 1954-56. In 1960 he was graduated from NYU in accounting. He and Alice were married in 1963 and have two fine sons (Alan and David) and a very dear grandson, Nathan.

When he retired from Coopers & Lybrand in 1997, Marty joined the Country Cycle Club in Westchester County and has been a weekend biker ever since. In fact, cycling has become his main athletic activity. Marty used his bicycling proficiency on the cross-country trip, which fulfilled a life-time dream.