Kathleen Smith, from Oakland, California!!!


For eight weeks we've worried about Kathleen
Whose Camelback is truly obscene
With Cytomax and Gatoraid,
We were all quite afraid
She would soon die of intestinal gangrene

Life really began for me when Paul and I were married in 1959. We are the proud parents of six children, who have fled the nest and grown-up! We are also very proud of our six (soon to be eight) grandchildren.
My love affair with bicycling began when we took our two eldest daughters to the Solvang Century and I witnessed 7,000 bikers of all ages and descriptions. Watching the variety of riders inspired me to try the sport. I've been "trying it" ever since!

There's not much more I can say about the Young At Heart Tour. It was all I dreamed of and much, much more. It has been for me, a blessing and a marvelous adventure which I will cherish as long as I live!