Jean M. Currie, from Lehigh Acres, Florida


A tribute to our own Jean Curry
Who is never too slow or too much in a hurry
A woman of such grace
And appropriate pace
You'd expect her to be riding instead in a surry

Jean, the senior member of the Young At Heart tour group, became a special friend, too. An infection took Jean off the road for a couple of weeks, but upon her return she was always anxious to ride and each day rode as much as possible. She showed us all what "heart" is all about in a cyclist! She was a great team player and was always ready with her winning smile.

That her grandson and family were very proud of her became most apparent. They had good reason to be proud of her. The mother of six, this diminutive cyclist, is also a member of the Lehigh Bicycle Riding Club, she wore her club shirt with much pride.

I was proud to be her riding companion on a number of days.