Jay R. Cullen, from Dawsonville, GA.


This guy clearly was not born in a manger,
And he's certainly no stranger to danger
Our boy Jay Cullen
With his face always sullen
Is secretly training to become a Texas Ranger

Jay's wife, Julie, joined our group to ride on the Gainsville-Hawthorne Trail. We made her an honorary "hot mamma" and enjoyed her companionship on the trail.

Jay's droll sense of humor was a never ending source of pleasure for all of us. He had few things to say, but when he spoke, all listened for his words were always well chosen and sparkled with amusement.

While Jay might have been the fastest cyclist, he was always ready to listen and was a great team member. A very quiet man, Jay impressed me with his sensitivity and concern for others. I don't know what his church did for a dishwasher while he was gone, but I am sure he was missed!

A retired Navy and Delta Airline pilot, Jay also likes most sports. The day after our arrival in St. Augustine, Jay and Julie will join friends in Scotland with, no doubt, a golf match at St. Andrews!

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