James B. Weil, from Westport, Connecticut

(The following is a poor attempt to give a limerick to James)


There once was a guy named James Weil
Who said "I believe I can get a good meal
If I change that with this
Then I'd have a fine dish
You can bet I can make such a deal!"

James Weil was the only member of the YAH Team who did not ride into St. Augustine Beach with us. He was sorely missed.

James knew when he joined the group that he would be leaving 500 miles short of the destination. His two daughters had two separate graduation ceremonies the weekend before and the weekend of our reaching our destination. He was so proud of his two daughters, that departing early was just no big thing for him. What a delight to see such parental pride and involvement in the important passages of his daughters!

Pamela, his wife, gave James a surprise visit when we reached Fredericksburg. We were all delighted to meet Pam and she quickly became another member of the YAH Family.

Many of us were taken with Pam's knowledge of horticulture and we had many questions to ask her regarding the Crimson Clover seeds we were busily sowing!

James captivated us with his marvelous writing style and many of us agreed that he'd make a great writing teacher!