Helen Galletly from St. Petersburg, FL


After sixteen morning cups of java
Helen's energy level boils up like lava
She's fed us so much chow
We've all joined Weight Watchers now
But in spite of that, we say Brava, Brava

Helen was brought "on board" as a Sag Driver. What a misnomer! Helen was everything! Helen was sunshine on a dreary day, she was daughter(s) who were not there, she was the thoughtful, caring, supporting, effervescent being who made the Sag Stops something everyone looked forward to. We stopped as much for the infusion of her spirit as much as for the food! Talk about spiritual food, Helen was just that!

With all the "bread on the waters" Helen has been spreading, I am convinced that it will all come back to her a hundredfold!

I had the happiness of becoming Mother #3 to Helen (in Jan's absence) - Sharon Miller has been Mother #2 for many years, and I hold my title with great reverence and pleasure!
Jan and Al, and daughter Helen, were the integral components of the leadership of this trip. More information on each can be found on the Staff page.