Bob Weeks, from San Jose, California


The thing that impresses me about Weeks
Is the care he takes in his roadside leaks
Not wanting to offend
Passing women or men
He wanders into deep woods, where not even a snake peeks

Bob Weeks Limerick #2
"The wheels of justice keep rolling"
Has taken last place in YAH polling
We suggest that your shingle
Be replaced with a new jingle
"The wheel of justice has gone bowling"

Bob, a neighbor (from San Jose) whom I didn't know until the tour, has become a very dear friend. Bob was our spokesperson whenever we needed a "master of ceremonies" - he was our linguist when we needed a poem - and he was a friend to one and all. He made it a point to ride with each team member - he was always positive and interested in everything about the ride. He was as comfortable with riding up with the "animals" as he was casually riding with one of the slower riders.

Bob showed us all how to handle adversity and how to find the silver lining in the dark clouds when he had to give up riding his bicycle for several days following the accident with the dog.

Bob, a native of Michigan, is 56 years old and very recently retired as a criminal trial attorney with the Santa Clara County Public Defenders Office, in San Jose, CA.

Long active in state and local bar affairs, Bob used this ride as a fundraiser for legal services. "Wheels of Justice in support of Access to Justice."
His longest bike trip before the cross-country had been a 475 mile, week long trip across Oregon (Cycle Oregon VII) with his daughter five years ago. He also rode the Tierra Bella Century, which was sponsored by his bicycling club, the Almaden Cycle Touring Club.

Married for over 32 years, wife Nancy drove along with the Young At Heart Group until Coronado, and endeared herself to the YAH Family. She joined the group when we reached Mayo, Florida, and with Julie Cullen, followed us as we rode to our destination.
Nancy and Bob have two grown children, Carolyn and Alan.

Bob wrote the following parody to "Around the World" and sang it to Nancy toward the end of the tour. It was so beautiful, I asked for and received permission to add it here. It speaks for each of us married people who left spouse behind to push the outside of the envelope for ourselves:

To the tune of: Around the World

Across the states I biked for you,
I pedaled on, through wind and storm
To keep our rendezvous,
I knew somewhere, sometime, somehow
I'd look at you and I would see
The smile you're smiling now
It might have been in El Paso
In Carlsbad, St. Francisville
Or even old Mayo
No more need I bike all around the world
For I have found my world in you!

..................By Bob Weeks for Nancy