Robert O. Kruger, from Morton Grove, Illinois


I salute my friend, Robert Kruga
Who is known to the animals as "oogah, oogah"
To him the glass is half full,
He helped me and Russ pull
And after long climbs, always said, :I told you you coulda"

Bob, a former fire fighter, was one person whose sense of humor drew everyone to him. Sitting next to Bob at a meal, or during a day's ride was nothing but fun. Everything Bob saw or experienced, could be turned into something filled with humor and enjoyment! Even when his tires went flat, or his bike frame cracked, Bob could usually find something humorous about the situation.

In the earlier days of the trip, Jan and I rode with Bob, and more than once I nearly fell off my bike from laughing at the things he'd remark about as we rode along the desert roads in California.

His ever-present humor does not mask a very deep personality, that is rich in empathy and tenderness. Bob was the winner, or near winner, of the "Golden Pump" award (for most flat tires) - but he also deserves a "Golden Attitude" award for the never-ending pleasure he spreads all around him!

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Bob Kruger