Yvonne and Bruce Horton, from Sahurita, Arizona

Bruce Yvonne will say it's our fault
When ABC offers Bruce a career vault
The former insurance shceister
Is so good as a web meister
He's been asked to replace Charles Kuralt

In Guinness's records, it is said
that for four years, a category Yvonne has led
although she's almost gone blind
From her vantage point from behind
She has memorized every hair on Bruce's head

Bruce and Yvonne were our "tandem riders" - watching them ride together was like watching an artist paint. I suspect it was another example of the relationship they have shared for over 43 years.

There seemed to be nothing Bruce did not know about bicycles. It was Bruce, mainly, who trued my front wheel after it had been bent by a wind at the top of Guadeloupe Mountain. Even though he had ridden all day, he spent several hours working on my bike. This was nothing unusual for Bruce. Always ready with a smile and a helping hand, whether about bikes, computers or anything else, Bruce was always ready to help.

Yvonne, whose smile radiated in every situation, also made biking attire for herself and Bruce. The makers of biking clothing need to be wary of her expertise! The outfits clearly are couturier class! In all the days of the ride, even when she wasn't feeling well, Yvonne had a word of encouragement, and a smile for everyone.

Former residents of Hiller Highlands in Oakland, and Concord, CA, these two former Californians (now Arizonians) added so much to our trip - with their knowledge of the areas through which we traveled, with their never-ending good humor and with their appreciation of the gifts from God.

Check out their website: Young At Heart