William E. Routh, Sr. from Greensboro, North Carolina


After applying 10,000 plus tags
To label what we found in Bill's saddle bags
Including dead rodents and squirrels
Possums, negligees, and pearls
Is there any doubt now why his bike's heavy and sags.

Bsides being a great photographer, Bill was the team member who most loved meeting people! He doesn't know a stranger! What a joy to watch him approach someone new! I marvel at his outgoing nature and the pride he has in his family!

Bill spoke with such affection of wife Billie and "baby daughter" Reneé that meeting them was like renewing an old friendship!

I will never pass a police or fire station without remembering Bill and his collection of "patches" --- my children and grandchildren will be regaled with tales of Bill's adventures!

Bill was born in Greensboro, NC in 1931. raised in Greensboro, graduated from High Point University and attended graduate school at Clemson University. In his real working life was as a research chemist in North Carolina. YAH trip will be my 4th cross-country trip and the first with a group. I have bicycled in 48 states and Ontario and Quebec in Canada on single bicycles. Bill and his wife have tandem bicycled in 27 states.

Married 43 years in September, the couple have four children and nine grandchildren.