Beulah Polley, from Lehigh Acres, Florida


All hail to our lovable Beula,
Who has proven to be a dancing foola
So as a special attraction
With no further distraction
She and Fern will now perform their own heula heula.

Beulah, one of the women I affectionately refer to as "one of the red hot mammas", was my riding partner for most of the last half of the cross-country ride. She and I rode well together and were of the same mind when it comes to riding. A great rider and friend, we have formed a very special friendship.

Beulah grew up in northeastern Montana, attending elementary and high school in Plentywood, a county-seat town of about 1500 inhabitants which has now grown to over 2000.

At age 50, she received her Ph.D., having attended higher education institutions in Minnesota, Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, and Florida. She taught in Montana, Illinois, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and two foreign countries, Honduras and People's Republic of China.

She and her husband, Robert, a professor of anthropology, retired from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and moved to Florida. Beulah has been active in the Lehigh Acres Bicycle Club for about ten years; Bob has authored several books about cooking and genealogy and plays tennis. They have one son. Kevin, and three grandchildren, Todd, Alicia, and Kevin, Jr.