Audrey Mann, from Hershey, Pennsylvania


If you want to see Audrey"s bike run
Just tell her "today, there's gonna be sun,"
She'll roll down her sleeves
Then start peddling with such heaves
You'd think she'd been shot from a gun.

Audrey is another Pennsylvanian who found indoor training the only option to the Keystone State's winter weather! Several days provided weather that allowed her and friend Fern to do a little outdoor bicycling.

Husband Dick remained in Hershey to keep the home fires burning while Audrey joined the YAH group for the cross-country trek!

If you ever wanted to see her eyes light up, all you needed to do was to ask Audrey about Kelley or one of her sons or her husband, Dick! A very gentle lady, Audrey was the quiet leavening in our group. Someone who always put herself behind everyone else, Audrey, in her own quiet way, reached out to those who needed a pat on the back or a smile.

The Kiwi Girls have an invitation to visit Audrey and Dick on their way to New York. I know that the hospitality the Kiwis will receive from the Manns will be the "icing on the cake" of their cross-country tour of America!