Jan and Al Galletly from Wilton CT

There once was a guy named Gallatly
Who was convinced the world was made flatly
When shown a steep rise
He showed great surprise
"I'll swear, I never saw it" he said sadtly

Al Limerick #2
In spite of his negative insistance
Al had been drinking when he marked today's distance
Every measurement shown
By a factor of two was blown
But at least he did it with consistance

What superlatives does one select to describe one of the nicest, friendliest, most honest, down-to-earth, solid citizen, and bike enthusiast like Al Galletly? A tour organizer par excellence, Al gave us a promise of a cross country tour to celebrate life and to take time to "smell the roses" - he more than achieved that promise.

Rest and relaxation days for Al, Jerry and the staff? Forget it! They were at our "beck and call" 24 hours a day. I'll never be able to take another tour with anyone else. This guy has taken us all to the top of the mountain, and I have not only had the greatest ride of my life, but my life has been blessed in knowing Al.

Pity poor Jan as mother and wife
Who has to endure such unbearable strife
In one fiesty mood
She was heard telling her brood
Ok, big guy, I've had it; now it's time to get a new life

Jan was my first "riding buddy" - who is a strong and able rider. She was friend and teacher in the early days of the ride. I'm not sure I ever would have made it down U.S. Highway #8 unless I had followed the singing Jan! She sang; I prayed!

Her business associations and work are very important to her, yet she always is able to juxtaposition work with family so that neither gets lost along the way. Her relationship with daughter Helen, is a thing of beauty, and has given me a great example of how to honor my own children!

Al and Jan make a wonderful team, and my days have been doubly blessed in knowing them!