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All of the people listed below did help me create a rainbow! Thank you, thank you, thank you! You can see from this graph of the contributions I needed in order to participate in the California AIDS Ride, that my goal has been reached! On Friday, May 4th, I received the last $50 that took me to the goal. Since then I have received even more donations!

On May 29th I was informed by the San Francisco Aids Foundation that a total of $3,647.00 has been given to them (in support of my ride) to fight AIDs. The money did not come in time for A.J. or Dan or John or Kevin or for Michael --- or for the thousands who have died of this disease. That being true, I can imagine that each of these young men must feel proud and happy to know that others have picked up the torch and continue to remember them, and to work to end that terrible illness that was their last. When I began this journey, I did it because of my friend Rose Lucey. She is more on "the other side" than in our world, because of Altzimer's. She and I spoke of her son John so often. I wanted to do something to honor Rose, but that idea soon sprouted into honoring the other young men I knew who also died of AIDS. Why have I lived for so long, and their journey was so short? I don't have the answer to that question, but I feel that A.J., Dan, John, Kevin and Michael - and a host of others look on what all these sponsors have done - their financial contributions and their care and feel good. In their names, I dare to thank each of you, too!

There are many others who have trained diligently and hard for nearly a year in order to participate in this ride. But for one reason or other they have not reached the $2700. Since all the donations go to the San Francisco Aids Foundation, I plan to direct any extra donations above the $2700 goal, to those people who are still short.

Last August, I began sending out "begging letters". I had no large corporations to match any donations, but I was lucky. The people (and business organizations) listed below reached deep down into their hearts and pockets and came up with fantastic responses. It just seems right for me to share your magnanimity with others who have worked as hard (maybe harder) than I. All donations will benefit AIDs research and outreach. That's what we're all working for - an end to AIDS.

The following individuals and businesses have generously contributed money and/or assistance that will enable me to ride with the other 3,000 cyclists in honor and in memory of the many victims of AIDs.

All contributions will go directly to the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. Many services offered by the San Francisco AIDS foundation can be found at their website SF Aids Foundation.

Particular thanks goes to GoAmerica - the company for people on-the-go. They have provided me (a free 3 month loan!) with their fabulous wireless communication unit RIM590, free email and Internet access. The RIM950 will be small enough for me to carry, and will enable me to give daily updates of the CAR8 experience! Thank you, GoAmerica!

Without the support of the following people, I would not have the honor of riding to help find a cure for AIDs, nor would the many people who today suffer from this disease, have the extra help that these contributions will make available.

My heartfelt thanks to the following sponsors:

Joy and Gary Addiego - San Ramon, California
Jeanne Battagin - Berkeley, California
Sharon Bjornson - Oakland, California
Mary Jane Burke - Berkeley, California
Thomas and Margaret Cooke - Oakland, California
Jean Curie - Lehigh Acres, Florida
Mary Delaney - Albany, California
Randy and Chris Dixon - Oakland, California
Mary and Skip Dresel - Oakland, California
Edward Gallagher, MD - Berkeley, California
Al and Jan Galletly - Wilton, Connecticut
Lisa Garza - Fremont, California
Linda Geist - Reedley, California
Gerald and Mary Goudreau - Pacific Grove, California
Renee Overlade Hendricks - Gulf Breeze, Florida
Bruce Hill - Chicago, Illinois
Jon and Mariluz Hopcia - Kealakekua, Hawaii
Michael John Laznibat - Zephyr Cove, Nevada
Colleen Lenord and Jim Silva - Oakland, California
Peter Lucey - Paris, France/Los Angeles, California
Peggy and John Lynch - San Francisco, California
Joan Mac Intyre - Oakland, California
Barbara and Joe Mankewich - Concord, California
Brian and Kathleen McGath - Evanston, Illinois
Chet and Christina Melnarik - Fremont (Niles), California
Sharon and Jerry Miller - St. Petersburg, Florida
Robert and Annette Mimiaga - Incline Village, Nevada
Andrea Mullarkey - El Cerrito, California
Christine Mullarkey - Albany, California
Ilka Mullarkey - Albany, California
James Mullarkey - Albany, California
Pat Mullarkey - Richmond, California
Kitty and Jim Nemechek - Piedmont, California
Leanne and Jim Noe - Alamo, California
Reginald A. Nolasco - Santa Clara, California
Charles Parrish - Livermore, California
Carol Posey - Pensacola, Florida
Bruce Power - San Francisco, California
Edna Pucci - Oakland, California
Alan and Beth Roselius - Oakland, California
Sheryl Sharp - San Francisco, CA
Barbara and Pete Skowronski - Oakland, California
Ed and Jan Smith - Norton, Ohio
Paul & Miriam, Paul III & Juliana Smith - Oakland, California
Lisa and David Sternfield - Buffalo Grove, Illinois
Kathy and Gregg Tate - Concord, California
Sean Truett and Lisa Michele - Chicago, Illinois
Bill and Louise Walthers - Oakland, California
Valeri Webber - , California
Nancy and Bob Weeks - San Jose, California
Cathy Weitzner - Danville, California
Slade and Michelle Winchester - Grayslake, Illinois
Windemere Design Group - San Francisco, California

... and sincere thanks to the following business ventures who have also contributed:

Jim Melnarik has been a home inspector for many years. He is good at this job.
He is just as good as a friend. And is a terrific father to my son-in-law.
Anyone who needs an honest and complete home evaluation, will find the services Jim and his company provide are the best in the west!

First Options of Chicago, Inc.

Missing Link is one of the best equipped and best staffed bike shops in the East Bay. For me, this cooperative is like family. Many of Missing Link's staff members helped me prepare for my cross-country ride. Anytime I have a problem with my bike, or need some information, I can always get an answer at Missing Link. Their free classes (everything you wanted to know about your bike, and how to take care of it) can help a novice rider, like me as well as those who are knowledgeable about their bike!

My good friend, Patrick Leaper (the best real estate agent anyone could hope for) has always been particularly generous. If it's selling a home, he is involved, caring and especially knowledgeable. If it's just being a friend, he's one of the finest.

2350 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 451-9622
has very graciously afforded me a special membership, so that I may have a place where I can train and cross-train for the AIDS ride. Many thanks to all the staff and personnel at the YMCA for all their help and encouragement.

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