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     One of the exciting and rewarding aspects of participating in the AIDs ride, was to receive an invitation to join a great group of men and women who were riding as a "Team". Teams appear to be popular in AIDs rides. My initial feeling was that there was no reason for me to join a team. I am a steady, but S-L-O-W rider, and I could not envision any "team" being happy with a turtle rider! I was wrong! The Team Hackers are not about racing. They are about riding to raise money for AIDs research, and to do something positive about funding for AIDs research and for outreach to the local community of AIDs sufferers. The Co-captains are Anna and Jim, Diane is Treasurer.

     Here is a picture of our team jersey. I am looking forward to wearing this with much pride! It shows the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and the Los Angeles skyline. Some of our sponsors will have their logos printed on the shirt.

     My first "team training ride" was Saturday, April 14th. Besides meeting most of the "Hackers" I met other CAR8 riders. The leadership for the training ride was truly awesome, and the comradarie and support each one gives to one another was really uplifting and encouraging. I am so proud to be a Road Hacker!

     The following individuals have joined Team Road Hackers. We will support and encourage one another. Our tents will be arranged close to one another, and we'll be a great group of friends sharing this awesome journey. Following are the team members and a little about each....

Alison - Health Educator for ETR Associates
"I am riding to rejuvenate my spirit and the commitment to the work I do in HIV prevention; and to show my love and support of those who are already infected."

Anna - Business Owner & Technical Director of a Graphic Firm.

"I want to challenge myself and others to do something that seems impossible; to show the power of a community, if each of us can just put aside our differences and focus on one goal."

Ben - Stock Broker for TD Waterhouse.
"Doing the Ride is the least I can do to ensure the social services provided to HIV/AIDS patients are kept available, that the search for a cure continues, that awareness of the epidemic is heightened, and that educational programs for HIV prevention is sustained."

Carol - Research Scientist for Geron Corp.
"I am riding because HIV has touched our lives, taking away so much. I ride for those who will be helped by the fundraising and those who will be inspired by the ride."

Dallas - Human Resources Operations, Software Application Developer
Why I'm riding: I participated in CAR 6 and CAR 7 on the Massage Therapy Team, and spent all my time in the massage tent! This year, I want to experience the ride, the team spirit, and the excitement of the ride. I'm riding for my friends who are positive, and struggling with their meds and keeping their quality of life. I'm riding to raise money to ease suffering, and to do my part in the fight against a disease that has taken far too many people.
My Bike - 2001 Bianchi EROS - her name is Brigit - and she ROCKS!
My training - I started training on a TREK which was way to small for me - I was not having fun! Once I got Brigit, and met the Road Hackers - training has been AWESOME! I can't wait for Saturdays to come now - so I can bike bike bike!

Diane - Financial Ad Svcs Mngr for PC World
"I ride in memory of my brother and his lover and to help find a cure."
My bike: 2000 Schwinn SuperSport Sl - I think it's the coolest thing since Rubik's Cube.
My training: I haul my a** to spin class 2x a week and make a point of riding to work at least one day a week (round trip 16 miles). This week I am going to start riding at night too! On the weekend I try to get in one big ride (70 miles) and smaller one the next day (50-60 miles).
My fundraising: I started out with a personal goal of $10,000 but quickly changed it to $15,000 when I realized I had set my sights too low.:-) A big THANKS to all of my sponsors and a HUGE thanks to my employer (PC World) for their incredible matching gift program.

Elena - Licensing Associate for a biotech company.
"This is the second year I've done the ride and my reasons are the same as last year. I want to help raise money to 1) further education as a way prevent the spread of AIDS and 2) to provide much needed funds for services for those living with AIDS."

Jenny - Web Developer.
"I am riding to challenge myself, raise awareness about the AIDS epidemic and to find a cure for it."

Jim California AIDS Ride 8 will be Jim's fifth consecutive AIDS Ride. Jim had initially decided to do an AIDS Ride because he had lost many friends to AIDS. He felt the need to contribute. He also serves as a CAR8 Training Ride Leader. He is an outstanding leader; concerned for all his riders, and encouraging and supportive to all. As his bio from CAR7 read, "Though there are 3,000 riders it is easy to find Jim. His candor, powerful laugh, and spirit allow him to ride just a bit higher than the rest of us." How true!

Laura - Freelance design and production artist.
"I am riding to challenge myself while helping others, and in memory of love ones lost." My bike: My bike rocks! It is a Gunnar frame (made by Waterford) with a Shimano Ultegra road kit. I will be sure to post a photo of it as soon as I can.
Fund raising: I have collected $3,025 of the $2,700 needed to participate. My pledges now top $3200!!! Some of the donations I raise over the minimum may go towards my teammates who are short of funds.
Training: I started in August 2000 with very short rides.
January - I have been going to the gym 2 or 3 times a week, mainly for 6:30 am spin classes. On the weekends I have been riding my mountain bike. I am trying to do one short ride (less than 25 miles) and one long ride (more than 45 miles).
March - I am back on my bike. I am slowing building up for the 63 mile Cinderella Ride in Dublin, March 31. I have switched to Time clip less pedals.
April - The Cinderella Ride was fun, and the route was flat. It was a nice change from the hills I usually ride. At the end of the month I am doing back to back century rides (Santa Monica to Santa Barbara and back) with 3 team mates. So far my longest back to back rides: 60 miles each.

Michele - Compaq Computer Corp.
"Why I am doing the AIDS ride - I guess because I can't not see myself doing something to help contribute to the end of this pandemic."

Ross - Editorial Assistant
"The AIDS Ride is just one of those things I've always wanted to. It's an immense personal challenge for a great cause."

Stefanie - Motion graphic designer and artist.
"I am doing the Aids ride because I want to make a difference, in other lives and my own."

Stephen - Federal Regulator for Financial Institutions.
"I've lost too much. I've waited too long to do something about it. I need to help. And I need to heal."

Vivian - Research Scientist at Chiron.
"I was really inspired by the riders and crew when I volunteered for CAR7 and the spirit of 'doing the impossible'".

and myself,

Kathleen - Married to my "Prince Charming" for 42 years, and proud mother of six (3 boys; 3 girls). Boastful grandmother of soon-to-be 10 grand children! Before I grow old, I want to ride in honor and in memory of five young men whose lives have forever changed mine.

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     Some of the companies who have put their money on the line, in sponsoring our team are listed below. Here's another example that we are not the only ones who participate in this ride. Companies such as these make the ride possible. Without their help and encouragement, many of us would not be able to become part of this ride.
Thanks to
ZesTop, Lombardi's Sports, Escape From New York Pizza, BD Biosciences, PC World, and Spotlight Promotions for sponsoring our team.

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